Summer School 2018

General information
University of Miskolc, Hungary, from Sunday, May 14 - July 1, 2018 (7 weeks)
The University of Miskolc is the largest university in Northern Hungary. As part of the program with the Drug Discovery Research Center, students will attend lectures given by international researchers and participate in a laboratory component. Students will be guided and supervised through the practical components, where lecture material will be expanded on. The skills learned will later be used for data collection in individual projects. Each student will be responsible for construction of input, submitting calculations to the computer system, and data collection/analysis. This program will be comprised of students from North America and Europe. 
As part of this program for 2018, students will take part in a research symposium.
CHM396Y0 – Research Topic Abroad
Course credit for research or field studies abroad under the supervision of a faculty member. 
At least 8.5 FCEs and no more than 14.0 FCEs including at least 1.5 FCEs in 2nd year chemistry courses, or permission of the instructor.
Recommended Preparation
Knowledge of introductory physical chemistry (e. g. CHM220H or equivalent) is highly valuable, as is any previous experience with computational chemistry software or visualization software. A basic knowledge of organic chemistry is expected (e.g. CHM247H or equivalent).
Research skills and chemistry journal literacy are advantageous to successful project completion. Having taken CHM299 will also be beneficial.
This is a Science course; BR=5.
Research supervisors
Prof. Imre G. Csizmadia  University of Toronto, Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University of Miskolc
Prof. Béla Viskolcz  University of Miskolc
Dr. Milán Szőri University of Miskolc
Dr. Béla Fiser University of Miskolc, Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute
Dr. Anita Rágyanszki University of Toronto, York University, University of Miskolc
John Justine Villar University of the Philippines, University of Miskolc
Eligibility and Selection Criteria
This program is open to all science students who have completed at least 8.5 credits by the time the program begins. Participants must have completed courses in Chemistry or related science disciplines or have permission from the instructor.
 • Students should be interested in using computational chemistry software or visualization software.
 • Applicants may be invited for an interview.
Living Costs
The approximate cost of living in Miskolc for the period of the program is CAD $1300, which includes accommodation and meals.
Entry Requirements for Visitors to Hungary
All students are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary travel documents to enter Hungary as visitors. 
At of the time of publication (December 2013), Canadian citizens only require a passport valid for at least six months beyond their return date to enter Hungary as a visitor. Citizens of other countries may have other requirements. Information on entry requirements is available from the embassy of Hungary:
 • Hungary, Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Ottawa. www.mfagov.hufkulkepviselet/CA/en 
Note: Hungary is party to the Schengen Agreement, to students who do need a visa to enter they should only need to obtain one Schengen visa. For further information, please contact the embassy above. If applying for the Schengen visa, you should apply through the Hungarian embassy. Hungary is the primary destination for this program.